Learning Spaces

There is a vast body of research that supports the benefits of flexible learning spaces. Much of this work discusses the enormous changes in the world, and he increasing pace of that change, and how schools need to change their approach to better equip young learners for the world in which they will live.
The following links provide a number of hopefully thought provoking videos to help you come to understand the rationale behind the approach. This will be an ever increasing resource - so check back often!
1. This series of images showhow classrooms have changed in the last 150 years
2. This amazing discussion, and associated animation gives Sir Ken Robinson's challenging ideas about schools and schooling
3. Prof Stephen Heppell is a well known futuristand social learning guru -  LTS: Schools of the Future.
4.The classroom of the future – a compilation of a variety of options
5. A series of slides showing various learning space options from around the world
6. Various case studies and an  explanation of teaching theories that support flexible learning
linking pedagogy and space[1]from:  http://www.auburnps.vic.edu.au/text/b78q.htm