Procedures and Support for implementing iPads into the classroom.

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            Setting up iPads in School 

                                         Setting up outgoing emails on trial iPads Stu Hasic NSWDEC 
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 # advice for implementing iPads into classroom and school libraries # examples of quality learning using apps in class

103 interesting ways to use your iPad in class Collaborative collection from online teachers worldwide.


  • Learning in Hand -Tony Vincent  "Mobile learning can happen anywhere: in a classroom, at the dining room table, on a bus, in front of a science exhibit, at the zoo…anywhere! Portability is not as important as the ability of the learner to connect, communicate, collaborate, and create using tools that are readily at hand."
  • iPad in Schools Livebinder  by Mike Fischer 

I love this example using iMovie: 

A Day in the life of KX

This video is based on the basics of searching for apps in the iTunes App Store. It is really geared toward those teachers who are just starting out browsing around on their own.


  • Tips and Tricks using iTunes, searching for apps, ideas for the classroom, wish list from teachers...