iPads4learning @ SBPS

The Learning in an Online World Pedagogy Strategy (MCEEDYA) 

urges the consideration and knowledge of emerging technologies to support quality learning and teaching.

“Quality teaching and learning that integrates information communication technologies depends on:

• pedagogical knowledge and skills

• understanding the potential of ICT to support learning

• knowledge of current and emerging technologies

opportunities to explore and develop skills in the use of ICT.” iPad advice for schools

eLearning ICT Showcases demonstrate some of the possible ways to enhance learning with elearning (electronic) tools.

Research and various iPad trials has shown that use of iPads in classrooms leads to :

"Improvement reported in literacy areas including: making learning visible - expressing thoughts and understanding in new ways, Writing compositions, digital storytelling, and, for kindergarten classes - handwriting."

"Improvement reported in math including: concepts underlying addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, logical problem solving, patterns and puzzles, spatial reasoning, and making learning visible - expressing thoughts and understanding in new ways."
Jenni Voorhees 

The aim of our iPads4learning trial is to effectively integrate mlearning (mobile learning) into teaching and learning through 

  • providing a wide range of quality apps 
  • the development of digital literacy skills
  • increased independence and self directed learning in students
  • providing more opportunities for personalised learning (differentiation)
  • the extension of student’s learning  by accessing resources beyond the classroom walls.

Seven Hidden Features of the iPad Camera Connection Kit allows considerable adaption. 


ICT Infrastructure

Sydney Region iPad 2 Trial  presentation document outlines the steps that need to be taken. The trial was conducted in the NSWDEC environment and as such is an excellent resource for other NSWDEC schools.

Setting up outgoing emails on trial iPads Stu Hasic NSWDEC 

NEW iOS: Deployment Guide    iOS6 in Education   First Edition December 2012

There are several tasks that need to be completed before and new iPads are distributed to students, including connection to the school wireless network and syncing the iPad to an individual  iTunes account.

The iPads will connect wirelessly to a server when in our library.
The settings will be in place and ready for use.
No student is ever to be told the wireless password or the iTunes account passwords.
When used in the kinder classroom the iPads have no access to the internet.

Technical Support
Technical support for iPads is available in the
Apple iPad User Guide and through the groups on Maang and yammer/tafe.nsw.edu.au

Help with Apple Configurator

The iPads are covered by the standard Apple twelve month warranty.

iPad support for teachers Pinterest Board  has many ideas to help.



The  iPads will be stored securely in the classroom storerooms.

When not in use, iPads should be kept secure and out of sight.

If they are used with staff in a staff meeting in the staffroom or in the library they may be secured for the night in their respective storerooms.


Software selection and use

Teachers will need to apply this question before deciding to use an app in class:

"What are your educational objectives of each class, and will the apps downloaded support these objectives?"

Various app evaluation forms are available for consideration.

There are various places to visit to check out quality app suggestions and/or reviews.

Visit iPad apps @SBPS for guidance and check out the iPad Lessons page for some ready made lessons.



Safe and Responsible Use
                                          Staff need to model using the iPads safely. 

                                          Students need to be reminded to treat the iPads with care.

                                          Kinder students will not be able to use apps that require the internet, as our classrooms are not yet wireless capable.

Recharge the  iPads every other day as needed, to ensure they are ready for use each school day.

Keep the iPads in their protective case.

Students must use the iPads at a desk or on their laps as per their teacher's instructions. 

NEVER lay the iPads on a flat surface. Place them on its side.

The iPads are not to be placed on a seat or on the floor as they are way too easy to be sat on, trodden on and broken.


Possible storage idea for a small number of iPads.

It works when iPads have a slim cover.