Integrating technology into the curriculum                

         "Today’s world is no longer content with students who can simply apply the knowledge they learned in school:

 our generation will be asked to think and operate in ways that traditional education has not, and can not, prepare us for."

                                                                                                                                                21st Century Education: Thinking Creatively  

Tablets, Technology and Tools for Teaching in the Classroom

“Up-to-date engaging relevant information for teachers”

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  - Picture Australia is a service hosted by the National Library of Australia to provide a comprehensive pictorial record of Australian history. This free website contains a great many images of Australia and the commonwealth throughout our history.
 Once you find an image that is suitable for your task you can:
* view information about the image.
* see or print a larger version.
* request a copy to include in a publcation
* save it in your favourites and email it to yourself or others.