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Copyright ruling for scanning books to use on IWB

55 Interesting ways to use an interactive whiteboard - Tom Barrett (and contributors)  Ideas shared from practising teachers.

What is an interactive whiteboard? CLI

What can you do with an Interactive Whiteboard? 

Interactive Whiteboards IntroductionSDLogo.png This site allows you to zoom in on any image on the 

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Primary School – Interactive Technologies


Using Interactive Whiteboards in Languages

Using Interactive Whiteboards in Music

Using Interactive Whiteboards in PE

Using Interactive Whiteboards in Science

Using Interactive Whiteboards in Art

Using Interactive Whiteboards in English

Using Interactive Whiteboards in Geography

Using Interactive Whiteboards in ICT

Great sites for using the SMARTboard or any other IWB

Some useful websites for IWB
Interactive whiteboard

Free interactive whiteboard resources is a rapidly growing bank of free to use tools and resources created for teachers who are teaching with an interactive whiteboard (IWB).

With the growing use of interactive whiteboards in schools, Topmarks feature websites which lend themselves to whole class teaching. Great lessons already done for you- Primary all KLA's

Primary Maths          Primary English       Primary Science      Other Primary Subjects

Interactive maths - then go to the Number section in the left sidebar

Thinking mathematically - Puzzles


Science World

This website provides a collection of interactive science resources.

 Busy Things 


On-line Calculator


 Smart kiddies free maths lessons by Australian educators
Summary site for interactive lessons

FLASH lessons to download - Maths K-Yr 12

Fantastic free flash lessons

More free downloads- Scottish site

Westside whiteboard links

Australian based lessons

Oxfam resources for IWB’s


Mapping Our World

Stage 2
Discover a unique perspective on the world.

Photo Opportunities

Stages 1-3
Explore the globe with this visual literacy resource.

Water for All

Stages 2-3
An online resource about water .


Promethean planet  Kindergarten vowels and consonants

Promethen general resource packs



This site contains lots of games and educational software to keep you interested during those long school holidays! Up To Ten


A great all round site for everything school and entertainment orientated. Have a look at the games section, watch BBC TV clips and download some funky wallpaper for your computer.

Professional Development Resources

Whether you are learning on your own or need resources to teach others, you will find that Planet members have contributed some great flipcharts to learn some of the best features of Activstudio and Activprimary.  These resources include lots of “how-to’s” as well as resource packs to download and add a little more interaction to your Activclassroom lessons.


Connected Learning Advisory Service Readings

‘Exploring Pedagogy Using Interactive Whiteboards’

Summary site

Outstanding summary site for IWB (some out of date)

useful wiki space

Excellent new on-line collaborative tools free to schools

Try out an
IWB blog site

Interwrite educational resources

Interwrite lessons

US lessons

some useful information

 Interactive number grids. -Splat squares!!
1-100 Reveal
0-99 Reveal


Promethean tutorial- Activboard

Tutorial and good links

English site with tutorials of  SMARTBOARDS and INTERWRITEBOARDS

Excellent site from England- includes video lesson and tips

Interactive sites
as suggested by Lyndy Cracknell

Many of these IWB sites are suited to junior primary

The entire Crickwebsite 
but in particular   Maths Teachers Toolkit

A comliations of Macromedia flash files to support whole class teaching in the Primary school.

suggested by Celia Coffa
ICT Integration Co-ordinator


Westside weblinks 

Interactive whiteboard



Online Stories for Interactive Whiteboard 

Sites2See  Centre for Learning Innovation

* Potential applications of an interactive whiteboard

 IWB resources

Classroom practices that combine interactive whiteboards with TLF digital content

Try this Whiteboard challenge for teachers-over seven weeks

 IWB links from Wikispaces

 The Whiteboard Blog
Thirty Seven Interesting Ways to Use your IWB
ICT in my Classroom

Ideas for using Rub and Reveal

Interactive Whiteboard literacy sites:

Literacy Foundation Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2


General Useful Links

DET Portal

The Teaching and Learning Exchange (TaLE)

Access the TaLE site through your portal > My Applications. Go to the 'Share' tab to find information about interactive whiteboards and video conferencing.

North Coast Learning Systems Support

Connected Classrooms Program Site

This site is available on the DET Intranet. Go to the A-Z of Directorates and click on Connected Classrooms Program or use the link below

Centre for Learning Innovation (CLI) INTERNET SITE

There is a connected classes video that you can view. Look on the right hand side of the home page or click on this link

Centre For Learning Innovation (CLI) INTRANET SITE

CLI Video Stream "Using Your Interactive Whiteboard Effectively"


CLI Video Stream "Using Your Interactive Whiteboard Effectively"


The Connected Learning Advisory Service (CLAS) Schools – a section of CLI

This site may be accessed via the Portal > My Applications. A very useful section of this site is the ‘Focus On’ section. Click on ‘Focus On’ > Interactive Whiteboards and access the different menus. ‘Stories’ particularly shows movies to enable you to see Interactive Whiteboards in action.

EASY ICP (A tool available on the Connected Classroom Program Site)

This requires Promethean ActivStudio software to view