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"ICT in the curriculum" must not be equated to "learning about computers!

ICT can be a powerful tool in the learning process. This page contains links to explore new and emerging technologies to support and enrich classroom learning activities. 

The ICT Chase

An example of a school program where ICT has been used integrated to support curriculum outcomes, and enhance the significance of the learning environment.  
The Key Points: 
- effective use of ICT in the classroom makes pupils feel they are in control.  Not of classroom management, but  in terms of independent learning.  They can see the results of their actions immediately in front of them.
Suitability - see ICT as another additional tool available to you - yet an interactive and dynamic tool.   With sensible use, the educational benefits are immense.
Backup plan - always have something just in case things go wrong.  A paper based activity that can be given out.  Problems are bound to occur if you don’t!                      

ICT Planning curriculum

Technology Curriculum Integration Ideas!

Hitcham's ICT blog

The aim of this Blog is to enhance learning by demonstrating practical ideas about the use of ICT in the classroom.

Learn Anytime- General Skills

A series of demonstration, practice, extension and testing activities on general I.C.T skills of web design, typing, using the internet, safety whilst on the internet and the use of programs to collect and present data.

 Learn Anytime- Creativity Skills

A series of demonstration, practice, extension and testing activities on the creative skills developed through the use of I.C.T. including 3D Text, animations, drawing, painting, presentations, music, games, clipart and building a website.

Plan Assess and Report 

ICTeachers links

Free ICT Integration Guidebook at

Educational Origami is a blog , and a wiki, about the integration of ICT into the classroom,


Integrating technology into the curriculum

Information and Communication Reviews for teachers-links to teachers toolkit

Interactive Whiteboard resources

Intel K-12 Teaching Tools

Intel K-12 Teaching Resources

Teachers TV Australia-need to log in

Information Communication Technologies _Becta

ICT Tools for teachers

Northumberland NGfL: ICT Resources

Northumberland NGfL: ICT Resources - Dazzle

Digital Story Telling " 2008 " May ICT@Mt Waverley Primary
The ‘Wow’ Factor! Digital Story Telling has created a revolution at our school! A rich tapestry of stories has emerged about the lives of our students. We have learnt so much more about these kids – about what is happening in their lives and what is important to them. These children have real stories to tell – how often do we give them the voice to tell their stories?

The Education Podcast Network is an effort to bring together into one place, the wide range of podcast programming that may be helpful to teachers looking for content to teach with and about, and to explore issues of teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Below are other links to further support ICT:


Computer tips and tricks

Digital Storytelling


Interactive Whiteboard

Internet safety

Disney's Surf Swell Island
Mickey and his friends need your help in this game-playing adventure where you learn about Internet safety, viruses, privacy, and manners.
Watch and listen to fun cartoons and rap songs as you learn about Internet safety, computer viruses, choosing a password, and privacy issues. Lots of games are included. 

Media literacy



Teaching video use

Video Tutorials

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