Tooth Tally Project

The Tooth Tally Project
Year 1 and Year 2

The Tooth Tally Project integrates a common event in the life of a first year student –

losing a tooth – with reading, maths, writing, HSIE and is rich with technology integration in all learning areas. .  

PDHPE Syllabus: Growth & Development Strand
Related COGS Unit: Growing & Changing (Group C) – PDHPE component
Using "lost tooth" data collected in the classroom students will practice counting skills
and collecting data. They will learn to make and interpret graphs, develop map skills,
increase word processing ability, keep a tally and make a graph using a spreadsheet, use
a scanner and the interactive whiteboard, and communicate online using a wiki site. It's
a wonderful opportunity for children to realise that in spite of many differences children
all around the world have many similarities, too.

The tooth is out there with the tooth tally  article in news this weekend

It's a wonderful opportunity for children to realise that in spite of many

differences children all around the world have many similarities, too. 

The students will be working with other Year 1and year 2 students around the world to count the total number of teeth lost.

* Do children in other countries lose teeth like we do?

  * Can we learn anything about children around the world? 

* How will we count the teeth lost in our school?

Try these games:

Charlie and Lola game-Count the germs in her mouth

Visit 2011 Tooth Tally to see this years tooth fairy and photos of the kids who lost teeth.

Healthy Teeth View

Learn all about "Teeth and Gums," "Prevention," "Cavities" and "Braces." This site also includes "Experiments and Activities" to try out, including the "Acid Attack!"
Adventures of Mr. Reach View

Have fun playing Dunk Mr. Plaque and the Remember to Reach Game. You can also print out pictures of Mr. Reach to color. Moms and dads, read techniques for teaching your kids about tooth care, look at the timeline of tooth development, and learn the difference between types of flouride
MouthPower Online View

Explore this animated world and play games to learn how to keep your teeth, mouth, and gums healthy. Earn a certificate of achievement for completing all the activities

Teeth book

Brush your teeth

Teeth tallysheet

Year 1 Today I lost a tooth

Check out the progress at Tooth Tally-tally

Teeth stickers-suit A2 sheet for class tally 

Cut the A4 sheet of stickers down the middle of each sticker longways

Tooth Tally Essentials

 Tooth tally.notebook Updated for 2011!! Smartboard (Smart or Promethian) activities. If you have access to an interactive board, click this link then click SAVE to download the file. (Smart Notebook10 software is required to run the file.) If you don't own Smart Notebook10, you can still use this interactive file. Click here to try Smart Notebook Express (download the Notebook10 file first).
 tooth_outline.pdf "Tooth Shape" black line master
 Tooth Fairy drawing 2011.pdf 2011 Fairy Description worksheet !!NEW!!
 The Tooth Fairy typing 2011 Arial !!NEW!!
 The Tooth Fairy typing 2011 NSW !!NEW!! Tooth Fairy description typing template - two versions available: Arial font and NSW Foundation font. Download this file and save it somewhere for the children to access. They should open it and save a copy in their own folder. Students click beneath each paragraph and copy the typing. Scan the student's tooth fairy drawing and insert it on the second page.

Other Resources

 toothjournal.pdf Lost tooth journal page
 toothsentences.pdf Sentence scramble
 Tooth Tally ID.pdf Each child makes an ID for themselves. I have stuck it up around the graph. (from Ruth Carlos)
 stickers.pdf Dental Health Stickers from My Smile Kids. Printing stickers is easy! You just need a standard sheet of sticky address labels. Put that in your printer, print the sticker sheet and cut around the dotted lines.
 toothPaste_diagram.pdf Toothpaste survey chart from Education World
 shining_materials_brush.pdf How to brush from American Dental Association
 shining_activity_finders.pdf Healthy mouth colouring from American Dental Association 
 shining_activity_visiting.pdf Visiting the dentist colouring sheet from American Dental Association
 shining_activity_count.pdf Toothbrush colouring sheet from American Dental Association
 thomas_brush_chart1.pdf Brushing chart - Thomas & Friends from Orajel
 brushteeth.pdf Brushing chart from Scholastic
 book_teeth.pdf Printable tooth book from A-Z Teachers Stuff
 teeth topic words.pdf Teeth and eating topic words from Sparkle Box
 editable_graph.doc Editable graph sheet, MS Word (from Paul White) 
 editable_tallysheet.doc Editable work sheet, MS Word (from Paul White) 

ABC Teach has lots of downloadable worksheets. (from Audrey Nay) Lots of teeth related pictures to print out and colour.

Past tooth tally projects:


These kids had wobbly teeth and then they fell out!!

Check out our tooth fairies for 2009 at our class pages:1E   1M

and other schools drawings 

2010 Tooth Tally fun has begun.

Many teeth were lost in 2010.


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