21C learning technology tools


2011 Research_Icon This report provides the analysis of findings from SRI International of the 2011 study across 7 participating countries.

A summary of the research findings appears below:

  • Innovative teaching supports students’ development of the skills that will help them thrive in future life and work.
  • However, students’ opportunities to develop these skills are typically scarce and uneven, both within and across the sample of schools in the study.
  • While ICT use in teaching is becoming more common, ICT use by students in their learning is still an exception.
  • Innovative teaching practices are more likely to flourish when particular supportive conditions are in place:
    1. Teacher collaboration that focuses on peer support and the sharing of pedagogical approaches
    2. Professional development that involves the active engagement of teachers, particularly in practicing and researching new teaching methods
    3. A school culture that offers a common vision of innovation and consistently encourages new types of teaching
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    Explore the weblinks on a wide variety of learning technologies from Primary School including:

    Cameras and Whiteboards

    Chat and E-Mail

    Computer Concepts


    Database Activities

    Digital Citizenship

    Digital Imagery


    Google SketchUp

    Google Tools

    ICT Planning

    ICT Skills

    Interactive Whiteboard Resources

    IT Integration and Management

    Laptop Management for Students


    Multimedia and Presentation

    Netbooks In The Classroom

    Online Educational Games


    Portable Computing

    Programming and Robotics

    Promethean Tutorials

    Reference Tools


    Spreadsheet Activities

    Typing and Word Processing

    Video Archives


    Our new learning tools 
    •  wireless technology in the library- assisted by Stu Hasic 
    •  15 primary netbooks
    • 4 ear bud headphones
    • 3 solid headphones
    • USB connection cable for many items
    • AA and AAA charger
    • 4 iPads-KINDERS-trial
    • 1 iPad-Special needs student
    • Digital camera for school promotions

     The following learning tools are available from the library:
    IPEVO Point 2 View USB Document and Web CameraIPEVO Point 2 View USB Document and Web Camera
    IPEVO Point 2 View USB Document and Web CameraIPEVO Point 2 View USB Document and Web Camera


    Talking Point    -set of 5 x 10 secs microphones -records and plays back 10 seconds of sound

    Talking Point     -set of 5 x 30 secs microphones-records and plays back 30 seconds of sound.

    Easi-speak USB microphone  - Pro –Stages 2 and 3

    Easi-speak USB microphone - Stages 1 and 2
    2 Logitech microphones

    Digital Camcorder
    4 Flip cameras