Meeting Needs

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We need Friends


 We need rain.


We need plants.





We need oxygen in the air we breathe. Plants take in the carbon dioxide gas that we breathe out and turn it into oxygen. Plants keep the air we breathe stocked full of oxygen.




Plants are food for us. They give the us the vitamins and minerals we need to grow and stay healthy.


Plants give us different foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts and rice. The flour in bread, cookies, and pretzels also comes from plants.



Where does food come from?


Trees are plants. Trees are cut down and the timber used to make paper and to build furniture and houses.

We need shelter.

Houses around the world

Plants such as cotton are made into fabric and the fabric is used to make our clothes.


Plants make gardens and parks. We need places to play so we can be active and healthy.


adapted from Kidcyber Plants and us (2002). [Online], Available:


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