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Math Live helps teachers overcome this by presenting children with fun and interesting animated characters that describe math problem solving with animated examples and interactive lessons.  The Math Live lessons walk children through the process of solving math problems, provides clear examples with how the correct answers can be determined, and then math practice tests that the child can take to test their comprehension of the lesson. For teachers and students, there are notes, assessment tasks and even activity sheets - all available for absolutely free!

There are easy to navigate controls with pause, play, fast forward and rewind controls at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on the "Topics" button at the lower right, the student can skip ahead or back to topics that they want to review again. from: Math Live - Where Kids Can Learn Math Problem Solving Skills


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Maths Maps There are questions about shape, time, money, rotational symmetry....by Tom Barrett
Kinder to Grade 5
  • Using Google Maps.
  • Maths activities in different places around the world.
  • One location, one maths topic, one map.
  • Activities explained in placemarks in Google Maps.
  • Placemarks geotagged to the maths it refers to. “How wide is this swimming pool?”
  • Teachers to contribute and share ideas.
  • Maps can be used as independent tasks or group activities in class.
  • Maps can be embedded on websites, blogs or wikis.
  • Tasks to be completed by students and recorded online or offline.

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