Digital Storytelling

Literacy is the ability to use language to understand and communicate ideas in society.

In the 21st Century we live in a world of moving images and to participate fully in our society and its culture means to be as confident in the use and understanding of moving images as of the printed word. Both are essential aspects of literacy in the 21st Century.

Digital storytelling is one way for our students to access, analyse, create, construct and communicate messages to make meaning in a digital world.
So how do we teach our students to thrive in a non-linear literacy environment? How can we teach students to use ICT to communicate in a way that is responsible and purposeful?  We use the same ways we teach students to read a book, write a story or to listen and speak – we use engagement, modelling and quality teaching practices.


Use this site for collaborative storytelling or document annotation.

Digital Storytelling-Movie Maker tutorial 

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