Civics and Citizenship

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The Good Citizen -   Australian Democracy and Citizenship

Global Citizen  - ABC



Programs- Summary 13- a variety of audio and visual






Citizenship Resources

Interactive Fun for students


Practice Test for Australian Citizenship



Kidsview :Parliament in focus. Freedom to Choose

Tracing the history of citizenship and rights for Indigenous people



Towards NSW Representative Government

(Stage 3 Australian Democracy unit)


Women in Australian Politics  A collection of links on many aspects of women and politics, including the history of their influence.

to simconfrom the ABC

"Simcon" is an interactive game where you are in charge of writing a constitution for your country. You choose clauses about everything, from who is in charge and how often there are elections to whether the states have taxation powers.

to Best dressed Head

"Best Dressed Head" - dress her up, dress her down - put fashion in politics and vice versa! Clothes have a lot to say about a person, especially if they're representing the whole country..

Democracy timeline Learning Object available through TaLE.

Democracy webquests:

 Treaty - yeh!  

  Super citizen  

 Hunting for types of government

Discovering DemocracThe web site includes information about NSW syllabus links, school projectscurriculum resources, advanced professional development courses, teacher forumsdiscussion papers, key contact people and popular web site links

Democracy Rules

The complete teacher guide can be downloaded in PDF format, or teachers may elect to access individual sections of the publication.

Democracy Rules - Student Animations and Interactives


The Teacher’s Toolbox contains facts sheets on the Parliament, referendums and electorates, ballot paper and scrutiny chart templates for conducting elections, and an interactive, Getting Governments – Federal, State and Local, a self-guided tour of the different voting systems for the three levels of government in Australia.

Democracy Rules-Australian Electoral Commission  (AEC) website links

Democracy Rules - Student Animations and Interactives


Federation Fact Sheets from Australian Electoral Commission


Activity Sheets

 From the BBC:

Still only two cheers for democracy 


Timeline: Democracy's rocky road 

 Why Democracy? is a documentary project using film to start a global conversation about democracy.


Take a vote Learning Federation-access the LO through TaLE

Click here for links on CANBERRA