Cycles in our world

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Cycles in our world


 Interactive science clip and quiz on parts of a plant (BBC)


This lesson will show pupils the stages of growth in the life cycle of both plants and animals (including humans).

Lifecycle of spiders

 Butterfly Life Cycle

A web based unit of work in a series of three by Jackie Miers.
See also Butterfly Appearance and Butterfly Body Parts

 Lifecycle of whales

Lifecycle of Gum Trees

Lifecycle of Flowers

Lifecycle of the Platypus

Lifecycle of Birds

Lifecycle of Crocodiles

 Chicken development

See how well you understand life cycles

Try this Life cycles quiz



Water cycle

Water cycle movie and questions from the Environmental Protection Agency

Explore all the areas of the house and garden to find out ways to save water.

Try this water cycle quiz

Water savers' interactive house


The lesson plan below is free for teachers to download and use.

Unit: Tappin In   Products & Services

I nvestigating Scientifically

Curriculum linked resources-WATER for further activities


 Climate change-carbon cycle   from the Environmental Protection Agency

Science Experiments CLI

Teaching notes