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Reading years 3-6



Illustrator study List of links to illustrators.

Literature Web resources for teachers Links include links to reviews, author and illustrator profiles, teaching ideas and lesson plans.

 Choose your own adventure in Hypertext  (a collaborative-writing activity) 

Choose your own science fiction adventure using Powerpoint.

Australian Word Map Word Map is mapping Australian regionalism words, phrases or expressions used by particular 

language groups. Add your regionalism or search to see what others have contributed.

Writing a speech worksheet

Reading Non-fiction Persuasive text worksheet

Reading fiction Character worksheet

Reading fiction Language worksheet

Reading fiction Sentences worksheet

Reading Non-fiction Fact and Opinion worksheet 

Primary ICT - Whiteboard Literacy - Nine More Story Starts

This programme consists of nine short drama sequences that can be used in the classroom to stimulate creative writing amongst primary pupils.

Each story start presents a different scenario and characters which are open to interpretation by pupils and teachers, including:

  • a girl who wanders into a spooky basement
  • a kite that causes trouble in high winds
  • a piglet that explores a farm

Each individual story start ends on a cliff-hanger, encouraging pupils to continue the story from this point.