Country Studies

 Material World -- based on the book "Material World" by Peter Menzel

Students are asked to look at 8 photographs of families and their belongings and make educated guesses about what continent/country it might be and the family's quality of life.


Chart (Word document):  material_world_chart_to_fill_in.doc

(working on a new version)

8 lists of objects in each photo (PDF): material_world_object_list1.pdf

8 family summaries and country summaries (PDF):  material_world_stats.pdf


8 photos (each an A4 sheet, Word document) We also have the charts available in the resource centre.


Photo A -- material_world_photos_A_India.doc

Photo B -- material_world_photos_B_Japan.doc

Photo C -- material_world_photos_C_Mali.doc

Photo D -- material_world_photos_D_China.doc

Photo E -- material_world_photos_E_Bhutan.doc

Photo F -- material_world_photos_F_Western_Samoa.doc

Photo G -- material_world_photos_G_Thailand.doc

Photo H -- material_world_photos_H_United_States.doc



Each photo and objects list is lettered A through H.


Stress to the students that these are AVERAGE families in each country.


Groups of students are given one set (photo + accompanying object list) at a time and fill in the chart for that letter.


When everyone has had a chance to evaluate each set, then go over their guesses as a class and reveal the correct answers, using the family summaries and country summaries.