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 Map of the world-interactive

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Mapping exercise

China map/quiz printout

 Flags from around the world-student activity and links to support further research from J. Miers.

Lake Munmorah Clickable worksheets- Olympics. Printable worksheet available

 Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Integrated unit of work-Kidcyber A Trip to China

Quest for gold!  Unit Plan Stage 3 English units online. New Zealand.

 The Snow Leopard Trust's Classroom is your one-stop shop for lesson plans that teach students about snow leopards, wildlife and habitat conservation, and biodiversity!




Last torchbearer Xie Jun runs with the torch in rain

during the Torch Relay in Yanji, Jilin Province,

on July 16, 2008. (Photo credit: Fan Fan)

Add information about a Chinese province, municipality or other area to the database.

Upper Primary Activities

Role Play
Browse the
language phrases calendar
Choose some phrases to learn.
Prepare a role play using the phrases you have learnt.

Check out Native Lingo - China from Time for Kids for further 

useful phrases

Compare Past and Present Achievements
Research one of the athletes mentioned in the presentation
Olympic Games 2004: How times have changed
Enter some details in the
data base.iwb


After reading the big book "Snapshots of Asia. China"

try: Asia education- Snapshots -repetitive rhyme


Discovering China with ABC's -A slideshow created by a year 3 class.

Six paths to China suit S2, S3

The following six activities were created as models for ways to integrate the World Wide Web into classroom learning. 

China on the Net




China on the Net is a starting point for anyone studying China.


Exploring China is for you if you want students to surf Internet links about China.

China Treasure Hunt

It exposes students to key aspects of China's rich past and controversial present.


My China

A good activity if you want learners to engage their personal ideas,

feelings and experiences.

Child Quest

Introductory WebQuest

Does the Tiger Eat Its Cubs? is an inquiry-based activity that prompts

higher-order thinking and collaboration.


OZProjects from EdNA

OZProjects contains the following exercises:

Create your own dude avatar
Create your own doll avatar

Go fo Gold!
Find your way through the maze to get the gold medal.iwb
- teachers notes available

Middle Primary Activities

Olympic Sports Glossary
Add some sports and some information about them to the Olympic Sports Glossary.


Olympic Torch Relay
Use the
interactive map to watch the torch relay around the world and through the provinces of China. iwb

Use the interactive maps of China to find out about one of the Chinese provinces, municipalities or other areas.


Full WebQuest

Searching for China is a culminating, unit-length activity challenging

students to take on a specific role.

Hotlist for China  by Mrs Pickworth

Introduction · rubric · conclusion · teacher's guide

The Land · The History · Life in China


Geographic and ethnic diversity of China  yr3

Geographic and ethnic diversity of China yr 6

Curriculum developed by Julie Kulik, Kaijia Gu and David Patt; sponsored by the

East Asia Program at Cornell University

Geographic and ethnic diversity of China

The Monkey King’s quest in “Journey to the West,” with his different stops along

the way, teaches us about the geographic and ethnic diversity in China.


includes background information, lesson plans and helpful links.


* Geograpic diversity in China

* Ethnic diversity in China

* What determines an ethnic group?

* Journey to the West and diversity in China



 Websites for information about China:

                                                               CIA World Factbook


Interactive tour of Beijing-Virtual China

Beijing Interactive tour-Official Olympic site. "Get a feel for Beijing and

become an expert on the venue and tourist highlights with this interactive explorer."

China. Facts in brief from Kidcyber

Great map of China for young students-stage 1


Central Intelligence Agency: CIA World Factbook China

Enchanted Learning®

The next four links are from Enchanted Learning.

Sandy Beach School library is a member so use our password to

access member only information.

China's flag 

All about China 

The Great Wall of China

Chinese art and artists


Map by Travelfrom 

China fact file from Time for Kids. -get the facts about the land,

products and people.

 Hotlist on China includes links on The Land, History and Life in China today:

Chinese music, chinese cooking , dragon boats, kick boxing and Chinese New Year.

About China-Beijing from the offical Olympic site.

The Beijing Page collection of sites about Beijing.

Ask Chinese flashcards -Practice with some friends

Learn about China in Chinese and English



Expressing your opinion in China can result in jail, torture and death.

Inside China people are persecuted and imprisoned for their religious

and spiritual beliefs;

 Gagged by his own bandana, Nu Wa symbolises

 the silencing of Chinese human rights defenders who are

 imprisoned or otherwise detained.

 UNCENSOR China's Choice. A New Human Rights Record














 China Photo Gallery-Beijing

Beijing Photo Gallery

Beijing City Life

Cyclists park beneath a billboard advertising sport shoes, a reflection of

 China's burgeoning economy.

Part of the Places of a Lifetime series from Traveler magazine

                                Photograph by Guang Niu/Getty Images
Chinese animals
 At ARKive
 China under the spotlight watch videos of a few of the fascinating species China hosts:
The most endangered of China's three snub-nosed monkey species, the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey
the fully aquatic Chinese giant salamander is the largest salamander in the world
The second rarest crane species in the world, the Japanese crane, also known as the red-crowned crane is sacred and seen as a symbol of fidelity, good luck, love and long life in the Orient.
Giant Panda-endangered

China's national treasure, the panda, has long been a favorite around the world.
"Though giant pandas once roamed throughout much of southern and eastern China, their current range is restricted to western China and on the eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau. It is estimated there are somewhere between 700 and 1,000 giant pandas remaining in the wild."
Handout from National Geographic

Creature Feature-Panda from National Geographic

includes facts, photos and video

Red Panda-endangered

Red Pandas mainly eat bamboo shoots and leaves, grasses, roots, fruits, lichens and acorns.
Fact file from National Geographic
Snow Leopards

The snow leopard (Panthera uncia) is an endangered species of cat
Find out why China has more snow leopards than any other country...
Click on the link to download the Snow Leopard Fact Sheet
Indo Chinese Tiger
Tigers are famous for their stripes, power, and beauty.
Tigers are the largest in the cat species.





Websites for information about the Olympics:




Official site of the Australian Olympic team

Olympic clip art bears from Kids Turn Central

Olympic Multimedia gallery including videos

Moments in Olympic History-National Geographic


International Olympic Committee website

Competition Schedule

Scroll down for GEOGAMES and Chinese Folktales


Olympic Action Games

Elephant Weight lifting game


Monkey bars Gymnastics


              Beaver Badminton


Heron Javelin




                                Dolphin Diving







Chinese Folktales




"Shi Ma Gaung-The Very Smart Boy"
Nina China
Long long ago, in a village near the Emperor's Palace was a little boy and his friends. They were playing in a garden. The garden had a big pot of water. Behind the pot was a big towering rock. The little boy decided to play Hide and Seek. He started to count while the others ran to hide. One little boy climbed up on the rock and fell into the pot of water. He creid for help and the others ran over to him. Some of the kids cried and some ran to find the emperor. The little did not cry nor run to find other adults but he got a big rock and hit the pot really hard. THe pot broke and the water came out. He saved the boy. The emperor came just in time tosee the water drain out. He thanked the boy and gave him honor and a medal. That is the story of Shi Ma Gaung-The Very Smart Boy!

The End

" This story is told all through China. It is very old and it is a traditional Tale.
My Grandmother told it to me when I was six years old."
Story teller: Nina, age 11, China

Olivia China

In Chinese astrology, there are 12 different animals:

the rat, ox, tiger,rabbit,dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

People believe that people born in the year of the snake are very luck because they are like dragons. Snake people are usually smart and siccessful. Rabbit people are usually not good and not bad, not rich not poor. They are gentle and have many friends. people born in the year of the rat are shy and always want to help others. Ox people are patient and elegant, monkeys are usually healthy but dishonest, dogs are loyal, pigs save money and roosters sre proud.

I don't believe this story very much, but it is a Chinese folk tales, and also a very famous one.


The End

"This is a story that told in my country. It's a very old and traditional tale. My grandma told me this tale." Story teller: Olivia, age 12, China
"The silk weaver and the cowherd"
Andrea Hong Kong
This Chinese legend of the silk weaver and the cowherd is connected with the stars Vega and Altair. These two people married on the Earth. When they returned to Heaven, they were very happy, so happy that they refused to work. The Queen and the King of Heaven grew angry and separated them by the Milky Way. But once a year, the magpies make a bridge between them and they are together.

The End

"This story is told in my country, and my mum told it to me when I was younger."
Story teller Andrea, age 12, Hong Kong

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