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easily recognisable Australian symbols

S1 : CCS1.2; CUS1.3

Days, holidays and events celebrated by students, their school, families in their community and other communities

Places in the local area associated with historical events (eg war memorials)

Symbols used by different groups

S2 : CCS2.2; CUS2.3

Causes and effects of change in the local community and other communities

Continuing and changing roles, traditions, practices and customs in the local community

Easily recognisable symbols used by the local community

S3 : CCS3.2; CUS3.3

Origins of dedicated days, weeks, events and places, including Anzac Day, Australia and Remembrance Day

Cultural influences and other factors affecting identity

Influence of current events

National symbols

ANZAC DAY Music files 

Cermonies and Speeches 

Lesson materials 

Webquest-NSW Year 6 level 

ANZAC quizzes and games 

Flying the flag game/world mapping

Operation CLICK online worksheets 

ANZAC DAY activities booklet 


Anzac Day  DVA Logo     Listen to the Last Post

 Why should young children learn about ANZAC Day?

 Finding out about ANZAC Day

  • Part 1 -- Australia and New Zealand: the ANZAC connection

  • Part 2 -- War

               Part 3 -- Defence Forces

               Part 4 -- ANZAC Day 

     MAPPING OUR ANZACs from the national Archives and incorporates 

  • the digitised records of the WW1 servicemen. It has a good interface
     that allows students to search for people by location. via Kate Ryan

    ANZAC Alphabet

    Australian War Memorial-Kids Headquarters Interactive Stage 3

    Flickr: Photos from ANZAC 

    ANZAC Day - Australia's Culture Portal

    Australian War Memorial Dawn of a Legend

    ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee

    Australian War Memorial

    Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour

    Returned Services League

    Indigenous Australians at War

    Flanders Fields  Relevant Syllabus Outcomes English WS2.12, WS3.12, PDHPE COS2.1 Science & Technology IC ES1.2-UT ES1.13 Mathematics S2.3, S3.3, M2.1b, M2.3, S3.2a CAPA VAS2.2  

    ANZAC's campaign maps

    Activites for early childhood from:   

    ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland 2006 -War and Identity

    The following resources are available from:

    War and Identity - Themes 

    How to make a wreath for ANZAC Day ceremonies.

    Lest Forget 2
    Students join the numbers to complete a 
    memorial figure.


  • ECP Poppies 1
    Students count poppies and complete the numbers.
    Poppies 2    Students count poppies and write in the numbers
  • Lest Forget 1
    Students join the dots to create a memorial figure.
  • Lest Forget 2
    Students join the numbers to complete a 
    memorial figure.

    ECP Students trace a path for Simpson to get to the medical tent.

    Teaching ideas on ANZAC Day activities for early childhood students.
    ECP Map and flags show the ANZAC connection.
    ECP Map showing Australian involvement in three wars.
    ECP A brief explanation of the defence forces.
    ECP A brief description of ANZAC Day
    ANZAC Puzzles -Interactive
    Match shapes to create images with an ANZAC theme.
  • Gallipoli: Then and now 

    Features of a commemorative ceremony

  • Commemorative ceremonies, such as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, share many customs and traditions , including:

  •  CMIS ANZAC Day activities