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Japanese researchers, using cameras strapped to the backs of Adelie penguins in Antarctica, showed a perfect success rate at catching prey underwater. Video.

Celebrating 100 years in Antarctica: Antarctic Summer

ANTARCTICA Just about all the links you will need.

Welcome to Antarctica

Antarctic images and information

"Some of the peaks tower nearly 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) above the ocean floor — nearly tall enough to break the water's surface.

"A string of a dozen volcanoes, at least several of them active, has been found beneath the frigid seas near Antarctica, the first such discovery in that region."

                                                                     Newly-discovered volcanoes. The peak in the foreground is thought to be the most active, with eruptions in the past few years. 
CREDIT: British Antarctic Survey. 

Classroom Antarctica

Welcome to Classroom Antarctica - a comprehensive online teaching resource produced by the Australian Antarctic Division. It is particularly aimed at grades 5 to 8.

Enjoy using the ideas in Classroom Antarctica to stimulate your students' interest in real world applications for Science, Mathematics and Studies of Society and Environment. These activities can be used to enhance writing, literature, art, team building and creative thinking skills in your students as well.

Web Project Stage 3

Features of Antarctica, human impact, exploration, tourism, research, meteorological research, whaling, fishing, conservation and environmental protection 

Why is Antarctica important and how are people trying to protect it?

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KLAs – HSIE, Science & Technology, English, Creative Arts

  • What is Antarctica like?
  • What has been discovered about Antarctica?
  • What problems have been caused by people's actions in Antarctica and what is being done to overcome these problems?

Text focus: Information Report, Factual Description, Discussion, Historical Recount, Exposition
Generic skills focus: Research, Communication, Critical Thinking, Task Management, Citizenship

Research module

Antarctica Stage 3 HSIE

Antarctica webquest

Antarctica thinking contract 

Online worksheet

Antarctica Wildlife online worksheets

Cloze Exercise

Antarctica observations

Antarctica images

Cool Antarctica

Geography and weather

Weather condition definitions

In the footsteps of Sir Douglas Mawson

Antarctica interactive map

Antarctica photos on Flickr

Cool Antarctica, pictures of Antarctica, information and travel guide

KWL Antarctica

Teacher's notes for "The Antarctica Book. Living in the freezer"

NZ English Units-Antarctica 


Antarctica: global warming (Cool Antarctica)

Secrets of the Ice: An Antarctic Expedition

The Explorers of Antarctica


Geography of Antarctica

by Jim Cornish

Geology of Antarctica

Animals of Antarctica

Online Activities 

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Antarctica climate- temperature and rainfall

Interactive map of Antarctica, cool pictures of Antarctica | By the people of KnowledgeBears

Emperor Penguins - Parents and Babies in Antarctica - Awesome Stories4

Emperor Penguins (the "stars" of the popular film March of the Penguins) are amazing birds. They live in unbelievably cold weather, where an Antarctic wind chill can sink as low as -76° F (-60° C). They cannot fly, are very tall (45 inches/115 cm), weigh up to 88 pounds (40 kg), exist for months without food ... and ... are fun to watch.