Australia: You're Standing in it.

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Australian flags and emblems:

The Australian Flag
Aboriginal Flag
Torres Strait Islander flag
NSW State Flag
National Coat of Arms
NSW Coat of Arms
Crest NSW Parliament
Animal Emblem: Platypus
Bird Emblem: Kookaburra
Floral Emblem: Waratah
Fish Emblem: Blue Groper 


Australia webquest from CAP NSW

YOUR TASK: Select a suitable destination for your family's annual one week holiday and design a travel itinerary which would appeal to and cater for your family's interests and needs when visiting natural, built and heritage sites in NSW.

 Time travel Australian webquest CAP NSW

YOUR TASK: A time machine has been discovered in Australia. Schools have been given the opportunity to send a team of students back through time for one month to accompany a famous person in Australia's history.

Aussie Holiday CAP NSW Webquest

YOUR TASK: Your family has decided to go on a holiday within Australia, but, cannot agree on a suitable destination. Each member has to present his/her choice to the family, trying to convince everyone that this destinaton is the most appealing.

Multiple Intelligences unit

What does it mean to be a Australian?


Mapping exercise- Australia -instructions

Mapping exercise -Australia-answer

Maps of Australia- states and territories

Map of Australia-suitable to print

Interactive map of Australia

Geoscience Australia-maps of Australia

City Quest-How well do you know the landscape of Australia's capital cities?


Dust Echoes- Ancient Stoires New Voices


Free photos of Australia

Picture Australia

This searchable database allows users to look for specific historical and contemporary images. Instead, students might want to take a trail, where images are grouped by category. Olympic images are featured, as well as Antarctic expeditions, wildflowers and birds of Australia, and objects d'art. It's always nice when trails are easy to navigate.


Australian population clock

Place names search type in Woolgoolga, Sandy Beach

Check out the results. Can you believe everything you find on the internet?

Fabulous facts about Australia- 4 sections below

Australia through Time            Land Tenure             Dimensions               Landforms

Australia's heritage

Special places- Aboriginal

About Australia  Australia's ultimate travel and tourism guide

Zoom school- Australia simplified information

Guide to Australia from Charles Sturt University provides a search facility.

Oz Tourism

Ausflag- Our own flag

Australian indigenous art

Australian animals A-Z

Australian fauna