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Help children discover how different whales feed with this activity idea -

                                        Food for whales -a biomass of krill-with permission from Whale Watching

Create a whale and dolphin mobile which also teaches about food chains -WDCS_FoodChain_Mobile.pdf
See A Life-size Blue Whale!
blue whale animation

The breaching whale with permission from Whale Watching

                       Whales and dolphins in danger
                                        Save whales and dolphins

 Humpback Whale - with permission from  Whale Watching 

Sperm Whale Video
Watch a video film of a sperm whale.
Blue Whale Sound
Listen to the sound made by a blue whale.

Orca Sound
Listen to the sound made by an orca (killer whale).

Sperm Whale Sound

Humpback Whale Sound
Listen to sounds made by a humpback whale.

Whales And Dolphins In The Mediterranean Sea
Video about whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea

       from KIDSZONE -sounds

The whale tail flap- with permission from Whale Watching