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Dolphins are a friendly and smart animal that always seem to be smiling! Did you know that they are actually mammals, not fish? Learn all about what makes dolphins so special in our new interactive non-fiction TumbleBook!
Whales and Dolphins

Dolphin Diploma
An award-winning initiative that encourages children to learn about dolphins and to take an active part in their conservation.
Educational Packs and Activities
Lots of fascinating information about dolphins -
Activity booklet developed with Clipper adventures - fun, informative whale and dolphin activities -Clippereducation_finalpack.pdf
Help children discover how dolphins keep warm using this activity idea -

                        Whales and dolphins in danger
                                         Save whales and dolphins
Dolphins swimming -with permission from Whale Watching

Whales And Dolphins In The Mediterranean Sea
Video about whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea.

Watching Dolphins Video In The Moray Firth
Video film of bottlenose dolphins in the Moray Firth, Scotland.

Dolphins In The Moray Firth

Bottlenose Dolphin Sound
Listen to the sound made by a bottlenose dolphin.

Spotted Dolphin Sound
Listen to sounds made by a spotted dolphin.

from KIDSZONE -sounds