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Australia’s indigenous peoples have a rich heritage of astronomical observation and story telling.

 Archaeoastronomy is an important field of research in Australia and other parts of the world.

These stories are from all around Australia.

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Indigenous people all over the world have their own mythology and stories about the sky.

Traditions of the Sun is a NASA site that explores the ancient astronomical observatories at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico and the Yucatan in Mexico.  from Questacon

Terra Nullius? The Very Early Years
Stage 2 unit - In this unit students are presented with a range of problem-solving situations that reflect the significant events of the colonisation of Australia. Through discussion, students make choices which they must then justify.

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ABC Indigenous

A portal to Indigenous Australian information on the web.

Fact sheets on Indigenous Australians from National Archives


Indigenous Australians

This site explores Indigenous Australia through storytelling, cultures and histories. It includes Stories of the Dreaming, teachers' resources and content for students

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