Sharing History

Here you can find the link to the speaker and abstracts of all previous talks.

Nov 8, 2011  Fahimeh Atomistic simulation of polypeptide aggregation
Oct 20, 2011  Zhaleh A membrane journey: Biology and Simulation
Oct 12, 2011  Michael Folding RNA with pseudoknots
Oct 6, 2011  Daniele NMR: basic concepts and protein structure determination
Sep 15, 2011  Raffaello Multiscale Simulation of Quantum Fluids The case of Low Temperature Parahydrogen.
Jul 20, 2011  Jacopo Fast structural biology: building protein models using NMR chemical shift signals.
Jul 6, 2011  Trang Electrostatic interaction free energy as a reaction coordinate to explore RNA/protein binding/unbinding process
Jun 22, 2011  Duvan Computational approaches of nucleotide flipping mechanism in DNA
Jun 8, 2011  Alessandro Optical tweezers: pulling DNA hairpin and single stranded DNA
May 25, 2011  Luca I. Fluidic micro- and nano-channels: new discoveries and future possibilities
May 11, 2011  Rolando Computational optimization of peptide binding affinity
Apr 20, 2011  Giovanna Modeling timeseries: from a biological system to a dynamical one
Apr 13, 2011  Gianpaolo Transition Path Sampling: exploiting analogies with the canonical ensemble
Mar 30, 2011  Dariusz Computational Drug Design Accounting for Receptor Flexibility
Mar 23, 2011  Federica Design and synthesis of covalent functionalized CarbonNanoTubes for biological applications
Mar 4, 2011  Xiaojing Computer-aided drug design against HIV-1
Feb 18, 2011  Angelo Diffusion-controlled reactions between brownian particles.
Jan 31, 2011  Pilar Which similarity measure is better for analyzing protein structures in a molecular dynamics trajectory?
Jan 17, 2011  Salvatore Rational discovery of multi-target agents for prior diseases
Dec 16, 2010  Giuseppe When Linear Programming is neither linear nor programming
Dec 2, 2010  Luca T. Polymer knots and DNA knots: a short introduction.
Nov 25, 2010  1st year students Master thesis presentation
Nov 9, 2010  Francesco Single-molecule pulling simulations as drug discovery tool: is this possible?