This page will have all the latest updates and links to anything thats added.  Saves you cruising through all the old crap to find the new gems of incredible imaging or flashes of brilliance........ :)

12th January 2014
It's been a while since I updated this site and a lot has happened since then.  The Inner Sanctum Observatory has been dismantled and is going to be re-established at our new home in Brookdale.  The skies are darker and the light pollution is way lower than the old site.  Looking forward to rebuilding the new TISO.  I've also built a trailer that is called OSMO.  Short for Outer Sanctum Mobile Observatory.  Pictures will be forthcoming.
clear skies

13th May 2009

Today the warm room project has been started.  It will include re doing the floor of the observatory and building the warm room attached.  To check on the progress,  head over to The Warm Room Project  page and see what's happening.


23rd of April 2009

After a rain storm,  I discovered the observatory flooring has become very wet and has started to rot the woodwork.  Some major renovations are going to be done. 

Firstly the observatory will be raised about 150mm off the ground and a new floor will be put in. 

Secondly,  a new warm room will be built to house all the computer and control systems.  The warm room will be semi attached to the observatory,  and access to the scope area will only be available through the warm room.  The whole system will be solar powered.


3rd of June 2008

a lot has happened over the last few months and the obs is running smoothly and ready for a serious shake down cruise.   I've upgraded the software for running the new EQ6 mount and am finding EQMOD is incredible.  I've got some of the new controllers for direct control from the PC and even a Logitec hand control game pad.   The learning curve is through the roof but as I use and learn,  it becomes so much easier.   My latest is doing PEC ( periodic error correction) through a couple of the programs that go hand in hand with EQMOD. 

Here's a couple of links to the group and info site for anyone interested in controlling their GEM to the max of it's ability.......

  EQMOD group site

EQMOD Project

I've upgraded my imaging systems and aquired a new Canon 450D  that will be flying off to HUTECH soon to be modified for astro work.  If the weather is kind over the next few days,  then I should have some more images posted.



23rd of October 2007

The EQ6 has arrived :)  It has been attached to the observatory pier and I am in the process now of learning how to fly it and setting it all up with new programs and equipment.




18th of October 2007

weather is slowly getting better but a humid cell has been over head even on the good days.  Seeing is not good and trying to get good focus is almost impossible.  Roll on summer.

I have sold my LX90LNT and have bought an EQ6 Pro Goto mount.  It'll replace the LX90 wedge setup in the observatory as the main scope.  I'll mount the Saxon ED80 and the Meade series 5000 ED80 side by side and use it for wide field imaging...... weather permitting :)



The weather is crap so no updates of anything at the moment

Clear skies to you

30th of September 2007

Last friday I finally got enough time to get some images done with the new DBK31 colour camera. The results are in the Gallery and are of the moon and Jupiter.