On this page I am puting images of different sectors of the night sky.  They are not specific constellations but an area of interest to me.  The sectors may at times cross several constellation borders.




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Objects within the region...


Omega Centauri

a cluster of approximately 2 million stars,  7.3 light years across. For more info check out the image in the GALLERY


The Jewel Box



The Southern Cross region

The Southern Cross is the national emblem of Australia. It's on our flag and it is used  in many references to Australia.  It's made up of many stars and clusters and nebula. The Coal Sack is a dark nebulosity found within the cross itself and is also known as the head of the Emu. 

The main stars of the cross...


Alpha Crux 



Beta Crux Mimosa


Gamma Crux


Delta Crux


Epsilon Crux