MMS AATU       The Melbourne based yahoo group of the best of the best in astro imaging.

Pykies Astrophotography Website        

This is the site of my best  mate  Justin. Even though he's a feral,  he does some great stuff and  puts his  heart into his work.  Soon will be building his own Observatory  which is dedicated to Sputnik 1.

Aussie Pete's AstroArmsRace Gazzette  The Website of Aussie Pete,  The owner of MMS AATU,  see link above.  Also has details of the setting up of the GRAS scopes 8 and12 in South Australia.  A work in progress and a great place to visit.


John Gilbert   John was the person who gave me the push to get a website.  He babysat me through the setting up and finally I worked out how.   Thanks Johnno,  I owe you heaps mate.

Macedon Ranges Observatory    If your in the eastern states or visiting there,  you have definitely got to check this place out.   Recently upgraded and is now a very extensive astronomical observatory facility run by Bert Candusio.  In my opinion,   I would say it's one of the best equiped and best run in Australia.  Stars there,    and across the road you have the winery.  Rough,  but someones got to do it.     There is going to be some very exciting things happening there soon.  Watch this space.......



The Astronomers observing report  The website of Tammy Plotner.  All you ever wanted to know about astronomy and were too afraid to ask. 

Tammy  lives in Ohio. She is a successful freelance writer, non-professional astronomy educator, advanced amateur astronomer, and lecturer. She is currently President and director of Outreach Education and Programs at Warren Rupp Observatory, and webmaster, team member and Astronomy Outreach coordinator for the Astronomical League........... A great friend who now likes Vegemite  :-)


 Bintel astronomy shop    The first place to go for anything to do with astro equipement.  Excellent service and great follow up service.  Nothing too hard for these guys.

My Astro Shop

My Astro Shop is a division of Binary Systems Pty Limited established in 1999 and is a fully Australian owned company. The founder (Steve Massey) has authored and published several books on astronomical subjects both locally and overseas and has been a contributing photographer and writer to several other books and periodicals.

The Telescope Shed   This is the place John Izzo sells a great assortment of astro gear.  I've got some of my gear from here and I highly recommend a cruise through here any time.

 STAR STUFF      The website of Luke Bellani.  He builds and supplies an incredible assortment of equipment for the amateur astronomer.  Good prices and excellent quality.  He may also tailor  make any specialised bits you  need.  He is designing and building the new twin scope set up for the new mount in the Inner Sanctum  observatory.

STARK LABS       The location of Craig Starks site where he has produced the amazing Craterlet and PHD guiding software.  These are just 2 of a group of very handy and mostly free programs designed to make astro imaging so much easier for the budding guru.

 Global-Rent-A-Scope     The place to go to use the remote scopes.  You'll find Peter Polous,  Brad Moore and Eddie Trimarchi here.  Great guys and its Brads scope that was used to get the blue waterfall shot in the gallery section.

 Heavens above     Gives you up to date info for a heap of satellite and comet information for your exact position once logged on.


  Fred Vanderhaven   One of the guys from the MMS AATU Yahoo group.  Check out his awsome pix and site.


   ASTROGAZE    The website of John Gilbert.  The guy who helped me get started with my website.  He has two areas to do his gazing and both look pretty damn good.  Well laid out website with plenty of info and excellent images :)

   The TIN SHED  here lives Eddie Trimarchi.   An excellent astronomer and imager.  Also a member of the MMS AATU group.   Also one of the rent a scope guys.... see link above for more info.