Control Center


Two laptops control the scopes and cameras.

     One lap top is connected to the EQ6 Pro through EQMOD via EQMOD

 DIR serial module for mount control and guiding. The planetarium

 software is Starry Night Pro 5 and handles navigation. Guiding is done

 through PHD. 

  Imaging is done via the second laptop and focusing is aided by a

 second LCD screen connected to each laptop and mounted on swing

 brackets,  inside on the observatory wall so you can adjust the focus

 manually on the scopes and see what's happening on the screen.




  • SCOPES...

By using LUKES dovetail sets it is possible to mix and match scopes very easily for different applications.  I have now set the 8" LX90 OTA on the pier with the Meade ED80 next to it,  a simple case of unlock, slide off, slide on, lock,  balance.  Too easy.



The present light train set up.  Lx90 has micro focuser, Meade .63Focal

 Reducer/Field Flattener,  1.25" flip mirror with Orion guide camera and

 12.5mm illuminated reticle eyepiece.  The Meade ED80 triplet has the Canon

 450D at prime focus with Canon TC80n3 digital shutter control module. 

 The 450D runs mainly on AC power in the obs 




Saxon 102mm F10 achro for planetary and lunar work  and Meade 5000 series ED80 Triplet set side by side on main pier

 The 2 scopes sit on a side by side system designed and built by Luke over at StarStuff .  Solid as a rock and very well made.


Coronado PST 40 ....... New addition to the observatory.  Mounted on an EQ2 tripod mount.   It can also be used on the Photon Turret

It has also been mounted on an EQ3 mount side by side with the  Saxon ED80  with a Thousand Oaks solar filter.




Celestron  5" Comet Catcher  OTA..... Needs some serious work on repairing the focus mechanism.



Binoculars.... a set of Milo 16 x 50 and a set of Zenith 20 x 50s



I have a few webcams in different configurations for different things.   A wireless cam thats been incorperated into a 1.25" eyepiece tube, Check in projects section,   which is soon to be tested. 



 The Photon Turret

after removing the 8" OTA (optical tube assembly) off the Meade LX90 fork mount,  I decided to design and build a guided camera platform to go on the forks.   It's made from 16 and 12 mm MDF and all up weight without the counterweight,  is less than the original OTA

I made a short base for it with level adjustment bolts and added a starrynight bluestar bluetooth serial adapter for control.  All works very well.






 Meade ETX 70..........

  A handy small scope for wide field and lunar and planetary imaging 




2 laptops.  one is used for  mount control and guiding and  the other for imaging. 



CAMERAS ......


Canon EOS 400D (cmos)  Click here to Preview


Canon  (CMOS) EOS 450D Clear glass Moded by Eric Lo at Ezy Styles



 video camera from My Astro Shop capable of imaging deepsky targets

The Imaging Source DBK 31 Colour CCD Camera X 2  and a DBK 41 colour     



 Meade LPI    lunar and planetary imager

Orion  Starshoot deep sky imager

Orion  Starshoot planetary imager

Orion autoguider x2 

Cmos Video Eyepiece.


  • Assorted finder/rifle scopes..  2 x 50mw green laser pointers used for demos or attached to a scope as a very accurate finder.

    Telrad finder. Very handy when trying to line scopes up.