It's amazing to stop,    look up at the night sky and suddenly you find that it is so dark you can see forever....

I have been in places where I have read military maps by starlight.  Had shadows made by the light of Jupiter, and have winced at the spotlight Venus has mounted on her roo bar as she comes over the horizon.




The Pavillion

The team


and the cricket pitch


Approximately 180kms north of here is a place called Wongan Hills.  A beautiful town with everything a wandering astronomer could ask for.   A huge IGA store and a very helpful hardware store.  A large pharmacy and two banks and assorted shops and a pub that will be reported on after the next trip... :)

With the assistance of the local shire CEO Bob White,  we were given permission to camp out at the rail siding at Kondut.  There they have built a sports pavillion with shower/toilet blocks and a concrete cricket pitch in the field to the East.   The pitch is over size and perfect to set up a half a dozen scopes with all the needed gear.  The pavillion which was locked still provided a very wide concrete verandah on two sides so we set the tent up there in the shade.  With the flushing toilets and showers it was more of a holiday than the usual astro quest into the bush. 

The first two nights had scattered cloud and slight winds but at 2am on the third day it was clear as a bell and even with a three quater moon almost setting,  it was magic to see the LMC and SMC as naked eye objects once again.






UPDATE January 26th 2008:

Had a talk to Kylie a couple of days ago and it's been confirmed that we can use Kondut as our dark sky site.  We've been given permission to use the sports pavillion as well ....Luxury ;)

We,  both of us heh heh,   are going up for our first official astro camp on the 29th February 2008 and staying till 9th March 2008.