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My first major piece of astronomical  equipment


 Many many years ago I bought a second hand $200 Celestron comet catcher ota.  Imagination and some cardboard boxes and a bit's box set as a drawer.  A rifle scope set up as a finderscope with a pvc pipe holder.  I saw my first galaxy with this,   NGC 253,   and NGC 55 was soon after.  I was bit by the bug and have never looked back since.......... 


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The Inner Sanctum is an amateur observatory built and maintained by me,

Stephen A. Boyd and my son Adam S. Boyd.


"The help of Rowan Pyke will always be remembered and greatly appreciated"


  First target was mars.


Up till then my astroimaging consisted of film work through a Minolta SRT101 SLR.  I was introduced to CCD imaging early 2005 and am still trying to climb the ever steepening learning curve . 

You also get to meet some pretty scarey people 

and Mike, the worlds strongest astronomer




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