Upgrade Premium

 Features  Free Version  Premium Version
 Astral Collector  ✓   
 Guild Wheel  
 Clicker  ✓
 Advanced Sylph Bot  
 Group/Kid Arena  
 Collect online rewards

 Auto Tanks
 Auto World BOSS    ✓
 Auto Sylph BOSS     ✓ 
 Auto Guild BOSS     
 Do scheduled events*    ✓
 200 Circuit Quests (v5-)
 Auto Sylph Sacrifice     
 Dimension Explorer (v6-)    
 Sky City Loot Collector   ✓
 Road to Glory

How to upgrade

   Trial  1 month  3 months  Lifetime
 Price  $0.01  $3  $5  $9

Q & A + Purchase policies
I just completed the payment, when will my program get upgraded ?
- Within a few hours (12hrs max). Sometimes i might miss one or two keys (due to complications with discount policy) so just shoot me an email if you're still not activated within 12 hours.  Include your activation key (Tray -> About) if possible.

I use the program on multiple computers, do i have to pay the same price ?
- Shoot me an email, I will arrange a discount if you have multiple keys to activate.

I purchased Premium version, but i don't see any changes ?
- Click on the activation button to check whether you're activated, the program won't notify your activation status upon startup to reduce load time. If you're activated, you can use the premium features normally.

Refund policies
Send me an email if you run into any technical issues. Also I will offer a refund until 1 week after the purchase if you deem the software unusable on your system.

How does the activation work ? What if i reinstall my system ?
- The activation is based on hardware ID, that means 1 license per system, if you reformat your system and the hardware ID changes, send me an email containing your email address used for the payment and your new license code (Tray icon -> About) i will replace the old one with it.

My subscription period ended prematurely.
- This could happen due to a lot of factors (OS upgrade, user privilege changes). Shoot me an email if it happens to you, i will get it sorted.