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Personal Information

I was born in Friesland, the Netherlands, and as a result speak 3 languages, English, Frisian, and Dutch.  

I am a graduate of Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan with a major in mathematics and also have received a masters in mathematics from the University of Notre Dame.  I taught for 12 years in Christian high schools in Iowa (2) and Michigan (10).  I left the teaching profession and worked for GTE (now part of Verizon), mainly in data processing.  During that time, pursued courses in DP.  During the 20 years at GTE, I taught evening courses at IUPUI, The University of Indianapolis, and Indiana Wesleyan University (DP and statistics).
In 1998, was retired from Verizon and am now fulltime as Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Saint Francis in  Ft.Wayne.  
I retired from full time teaching and now teach on a part time basis. 
Below are two Excel spreadsheets. The savings one will help you find out how much you can accumulate if you save
fastidiously.  The interest spreadsheet will help calculate loans and mortgages.  You can download them for your own use.
Savings Spreadsheet       Interest Spreadsheet
Steve Born,
Mar 24, 2010, 7:53 AM
Steve Born,
Mar 30, 2010, 7:33 AM