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Cryptology (Math 271)

Not currently teaching this course.
Spring of 2013

Cryptology Syllabus               Pictures from Bletchley Park
Code Book Questions:
Introduction    Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5    Chapter 6    Chapter 7    Chapter 8
Class Problems: Assignments       Page 99    Challenge4      Vigenere example

 EXAM for 2011         Exam 2013

JustBasic programs:    LetterCount    Prime#Program
Click here for a useful spreadsheet.  It has more of a visual to see how encoding and decoding works.
Web Sites Useful in cryptology
Letter, digraphs, trigraphs counter: (By Prof. Tom LInton, Central College, Pella):  Text Analyzer
                                                                                                  More by Prof. Linton:  Kasiski analyzer and splitter

          Index of coincidence calculator from  IC calulator

Integer factoring program into primes by Numberempire  Prime Factoring

                                          More tools from rumkin: Cipher Tools

A web sit for analysis:  (used from the all practical book)