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The Project

Essential Question: 
'Diamonds are a girls best friend', but are they?
Why was Naomi Campbell in the news recently?


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APP Levels

Level 4
  • Plan and implement solutions that combine and refine different forms of information
  • Evaluate the quality and success of your solutions
  • Use appropriate search criteria to find relevant information, and check it's plausibility and usefulness
  • Present information in different forms suited to purpose
  • Use ICT to communicate and collaborate, identifying some of the risks and acting to minimise them
Level 5
  • Plan and develop structured solutions to problems which use a combination of ICT tools and techniques
  • Use criteria to evaluate the quality of solutions, identifying improvements and refining your work
  • Take account of accuracy and potential bias when searching for and selecting information
  • Present information in a range of forms for specific purposes and familiar audiences
  • Use ICT safely and responsibly
Level 6
  • Plan and develop solutions which show efficiency and integration of ICT tools and techniques
  • Use criteria and feedback to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of solutions
  • Explore the impacts of the use of ICT in work, leisure and home
  • Use complex lines of enquiry efficiently to interrogate information
  • Explain choices when presenting information for different purposes and wider or remote audiences
Level 7
  • Be able to identify the impact of ICT on people, communities and cultures