Course Overview

This A Level Computing course gives a general grounding in Computing,

including an understanding of computer systems, the principles of programming,

Rocket Boom on The Dunbar Number

and problem solving.

It is recognized by top universities and opens doors to Computing related careers.

This website was set up in response to the poor materials available for this course, to support my students in the Kingswood Partnership.

However, I am happy for anyone else to use this for educational purposes.
The Website does include substantial information from existing published Computing books.

These are reproduced here for non profit purpose of Education.

There are certainly mistakes and it is very much a work in progress.
While I have tried to make the information as accurate as possible,
I take no responsibility for any errors and would always defer to the exam board.

However, I will happily correct any mistakes that are pointed out.

Please feel free to post comments and corrections or links to relevant resources.


        Mr Gazz

Units Covered:

  1. F451 - Computing Fundamentals 
  2. F452 - Introduction to Programming
  1. F453 - Advanced Theory
  2. F454 - Practical Programming Project 

Read Around the Subject

Is it enough to come to the lessons take notes and complete the homework? No, not at all really.

There are some Web links that give you

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interesting information on Tech, Gadgets and Computing

Computing moves on all the time, its what makes it exciting.

Now you have to start to run and keep up

I have complied a dynamic Newspaper based on Tweets:

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