Siya Biniza
A philosophically political economist adventurer


"The Most Legendary Hard Working"

Siya is an avid entrepreneur with ambitions of making a difference in South Africa's social and economic development.

With years in organisational strategy, business development and financial management, Siyaduma “Siya” Biniza has extensive knowledge and experience gained through his work with the University of Cape Town (UCT) ICT Services, Careers Service, and the Development and Alumni Department. More recently he has been involved with higher education strategy and planning through his involvement with the Wits University Strategic Planning Division.

Siya is an active citizen through formal engagements with Government and NGOs operating in economic development. Siya has also been involved in various social enterprises during his time as an Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellow. And he holds a B.Com (Hon.) in Development Theory and Policy with Cum Laude from Wits and B.Soc.Sci in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from UCT. Some of his proudest achievements include being awarded: the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship in 2008, the DTI Public Bursary in 2013, the Wits Postgraduate Merit Award, the Public Affairs Research Institute-Nedbank Master’s Fellowship and the Economic Research Southern Africa’s Postgraduate Scholarship in 2014. Therefore, he has a broad grasp and experience of internationally applicable economic science and of the political and moral contexts in which it is applied.

Siya has an insightful understanding of public relations for social formations, education, personal and professional development, organisational development and leadership – he is the go-to-guy for thought leadership and public affairs.

Problem-solving, entrepreneurship, ideas development, out-the-box thinking, public speaking, debating, professionalism.