There is always something going on in the world that is interesting, important or significant to our lives.  In the world of the internet, however, there is so much information that our entire lives could be consumed by the constant stream of general information without us giving much thought to why things happen or how they are meaningful to us all. 
As a teacher, I write this website to communicate with the world about those topics that I find interesting and that I hope will help others who are interested in the same ideas to grow and think critically.  This site has some of my favorite videos, and some connections to some of the topics I have seen that might be important or interesting to learn in a class setting.  It also contains some of the work that my students have done for some of their projects in the past as a way for us all to try to think more deeply about what is out there and how information affects us all.
Please enjoy the site and to the many people who have enriched my own learning experience, thank you!