Stefan Bergs

Follow The road

to Success!

Are you a Surfer or a Marketer?
STOP Surfing NOW!!!  WHY?

- It's a Waste of Time! - is He Nuts??

No, I mean it... Set Up Your START system first! --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Use This Simple "START" Formula:

1. Start with Own Hosting and Squeeze pages, LCP Like This!

2. Traffic Exchanges...Safelists/Google ads...etc

3. ATracker 4 Your Ads to see where and what works best!

4. Responder and do follow up with Autoresponders!

5. Talk with people, Twitter, Messenger, phone, forums


1. Lead Capture System!

Start with this.. It doesn't matter what Business you are advertising... You need a Lead Capture system, pages like This! or you can use a Squeeze page like this! Before you have your own system. Use Affiliate Funnel and Instant Squeeze Page generator. For all serious Business people own Hosting is a must. Then upload the pages you do this domain.

2. Advertising in TEs, Safelists... Read More Here!

This is a list of the Best Traffic Exchanges and Safelists, based on Tracking, responsive members, grow fast. Consider 1 Year upgrade in a few (Best value). from $5-30/month and you get double even triple Credits for each Click. And 500 - 3000 credits/month. Banner Credits, text credits. Also 50% Commission. How to use Safelists? Read Here!

3. Track your Ads = Drive like a Pro!

Aprofessional tracking system is very important. A Business owner with it have the same advantage as a pro F1 driver have over a blind driver. Use This Pro Tracker! Open your Business eyes and drive safe. Which ad (banner, page..etc) works. Where does it works? What follow up email works best? Do split tests. (what email works for what produtc?)

4. Autoresponders is a Must!
Response is what we want to our emails. To get that we need to have a sign up form on every Squeezepage connected to your Autoresponder. Explain your business, warm up emails, how to get started, how to use Traffic Exchanges, Safelists and Forums. Sell and give away product's. Earn money when sleeping and get connected to interested people.

 5. Follow up, connect, talk to your Members

Talk to people in person even if you Should Use Autoresponders... You need to Use Telephone, Skype, MSN or Yahoo, email, postcard. This is a Business People to People! This is more Important then all the rest when you start advertise!


STOP Surfing and Advertising NOW!

Set up your Well oiled System 1st

The Money is in the List! ...Treat it Well!