Chairman's Corner


Hello Everyone, 

If you happen to be visiting this website looking for information, please note that currently our new Facebook page is the best place to get information regarding meetings, and Chapter 5 in general. I have been working hard at getting our meetings going again, and part of that is making them more accessible to everyone in Georgia - as of August 2016, all chapter meetings are now available via Live Stream, and on-demand viewing any time afterwards. We made a very small investment in some audio equipment after my "proof of concept" stream in August, and as a result the September meeting was of much better quality - my hope is that those of you who cannot make it due to schedule or distance, will find this option helpful in keeping you active within the chapter!

As a reminder, anyone with a certification receives credits for various things during your active certification period - there is more information available on the SBE website, along with the paperwork required to apply for re-certification. Attendance at chapter meetings counts as credit, both in person and via the live stream! Just be sure to register when the link for that month goes out, so I can make sure to note your attendance. 

I am trying my best to bring good programs to each meeting, and it is my goal to make the content and the SBE's educational benefits accessible to all of our members in Georgia - if there is anything you would like to see from us, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Andrew Hamann, CBNE