My name is Sara Doble, and I am a 24 year old science teacher. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Bard College (2012), and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Western Connecticut State University (2015). Currently, I am working as a part-time teacher at Wilton High School, with one Environmental Science course and two Flex Physical Science courses, which are designed to accommodate students with exception needs. Additionally, I am an Assistant Softball Coach and a member of committees seeking to improve school climate and to research and establish an evening school. Prior to my work in Wilton, I was a long-term substitute for Biology and Astronomy at Danbury High School, a position I was requested to fill despite having only complete half of my Student Teaching experience. While my ambition now lies within a classroom, my previous teaching experience has been slightly out of the box: as an educator at the Maritime Aquarium, and a lecturer at York's Wild Kingdom. I am eager to pass my hands-on love of science to any and all children that I have the honor to call my future students.

"A Philosophy of Education" by Sara Doble