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July 27-28, 2013
 The Virtual World Youth Day Cross and Icon is touring our Diocesan Parishes.
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August 1, 2009
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VWYD Pilgrimage Calendar for 2011-2013

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Virtual World Youth Day Cross and Icon are on Pilgrimage.  See the 2011-2013 Calendar below to see if it is coming to your parish.  For more details, contact our office at 909-475-5168.

Pilgrimage Notes

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Hesperia to Indio February 27, 2010
The San Bernardino Diocese Ministry with Youth Office in conjunction with the Holy Family Youth Group in Hesperia handed over the Virtual World Youth Day Cross & Icon to Our Lady of Perpetual Help USC Youth Group last weekend.  The Cross and Icon is placed in the altar of the church and will be there through April 17, 2010. It is a privilege to obtain this cross and icon as it makes its rounds through the diocese. We invite everyone to pay homage to this special event for it will be another 25 years that we will get to live this experience again...Thank you for giving such honor!
La Oficina de Jóvenes de la Diócesis de San Bernardino en conjunto con el Grupo de Jóvenes de la Sagrada Familia en Hesperia entregaron personalmente la Cruz y el Icono de la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud a nuestros jóvenes de NSPS la semana pasada. La cruz e icono esta localizada en el altar de la iglesia y permanecerá hasta el 17 de Abril del 2010. Es un privilegio que esta cruz e icono nos visiten en esta peregrinación en nuestra diócesis. Brindemos un homenaje especial a este evento ya que volveremos a vivir esta experiencia hasta dentro de 25 años ...Gracias por darnos este honor!

Cross and Icon Tour Dates

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