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また犬猫のペットCPR&ファーストエイド講習は月に一回、オールドトーランスのイベント会場、M LAB L.A.にて開催されます。ご興味のある方はお問い合わせください。
Learning CPR & First Aid in Japanese language from Japanese instructor.
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We also offer the Pet CPR & First Aid class for dogs and cats. Please contact for farther questions.




CPR(心肺蘇生法)について  / About CPR 
Do you know what to do if one of your family members collapses? Can you perform CPR right away?
Did you know that chances of survival are very low if you don’t perform CPR for 3 minutes after the cardiac arrest? You must know that YOU are the only person who can help your family if only you around at the time of cardiac arrest.

Do you have correct First Aid knowledge?



Nose bleeding, seizures, snake bites, choking, signs of heart attack or stroke etc…. There are many situations that you must know FIRST AID in everyday life. Knowing FIRST AID can provide safer and better life in your personal and professional space.

全て一回の講習で学んでいただく事ができます / You learn it all in ONE DAY



Saving someone’s life sounds so huge. But what you actually do is very simple and easy to learn. 
After our ONE DAY COURSE, we promise you that you will be able to perform CPR right at the moment you need it. Regardless of your age, gender and culture, this is something that you need to know.
Also, unlike in Japan, many occupations in United States require CPR certification. This knowledge and certificate will help you in many different ways in your life.