Are Cancer and Autism Related?

Research stating we need to look at what Chemicals Are doing to United States Citizens


Quote from paper:

“The vulnerability of the developing human central nervous system to environmental chemical compounds has been well established. The contribution of these exposures in utero or postnatally to the development of disorders of uncertain etiology such as attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder or pervasive developmental disorder/autism is not  known at present. Large-scale human studies such as the National Children’s Study may provide some clues.”
Our Take:

Insecticides work by damaging insects nervous systems
  • Axon and Synapses, (these are the building blocks or primary components of nerves)
  • Insecticides applies within meters of humans
  • Spray drifts
  • No surprise that residual Insectides are measured in Vivo
  • Since Human nervous system also made up of Axons and Synapses we are at risk
  • People exposed with lower/dose per surface volume
  • Insecticides are present at the most critical time of life when feutus’s bodies, brains, and organs, are forming in Vivo
  • Papers list separately many of the symptoms
  • Several of my acquintances have issue with an Autistic child born in close proximity to Pesticides/Insecticides and related chemicals

    In Summary - using basic deduction and inference, along with published papers
    Insecticides and the synthetic chemicals are mentally and maiming newborns, resulting in long term retardation
  • Devastating families, mentally, physically, and financially
  • This common sense reasoning is not "Rocket Science", and should be considered a main cause of Autism/Parkensons and other diseases that are increasing effecting brain function