Links to Medical Experts Research

Who do you trust for the final word on a chemicals toxicity?  Doctors or non-scientists  who have a financial interest in the sale of a potentially toxic substance?


There are a lot of publications available.  Again, I think in learning about chemicals and their effect that one must look for Medical Experts with experience, and take what other non-scientists say with a grain of salt. (especially the saleman who works from chemical company X).

Theres plenty of doctors who are concerned about the Environmental Chemical use too.

Because the people who manufacture know that doctors have a lot more clout, there have been cases where doctors work secretly for Chemical Companies.

Just a few papers on PCBs, Dioxin (a bad PCB), Organophospates:


DDVP (Organophosphate)



Question: If a panel of 10 doctors each with 20 years experience, said that a Chemical such as DDVP caused cancer and autism, and 20 non-doctors who make their living spraying DDVP said that the cancer risks are so tiny to not worry about it, who would you believe? 

When I go to a hotel, sometimes I see a sign saying "Chemcials used on this property can cause Cancer".  Brilliant, do you think if we can build a hotel in space, can we also develop cleaning agents that don't kill us.  Want to talk about a "band aid" for litigation.  Can we invent materials that dont kill?

This is what the situation is today.  Chemical are being used that cause cancer, they know it and post signs to reduce liability.  How did the US get this way.  I love this country but this is embarrassing and needs fixing.

Finally, there are publications from multiple journals from Medical Experts.  The more independant research there is from varioius international research facilitiels, them more the body of evidence showns the cause and effect relationship.