Costs of Cancer

Cancer costs dwarf the beneficial cost savings of chemical use

FACT:  The long term costs of treating cancer, and the lifelong costs to insurance companies and families dwarf the short term costs savings and benefits of these chemicals.  We are killing ourselfs at the tune of 650,000 per year and at the same time driving up Health care costs and crippling families with debt when caring for a cancer survivor!!!  US industry is being impacted by this as well.   Short term thinking is a real problem in the US.

Thought Provoking Fact:  If we could cure cancer, we could pay off the entire National Debt in a year!!!

Another FACT:  Short term thinking is allowing our county to lose our pre-emminance in Science and Technology that we once enjoyed.  This is related to the fight to reduce cancer, - the same mindset that allows us to lose our competitive stance is the same mindset that allowed cancer to reach epidemic proportions. 

This critism is not meant to beat on my country that I love, -its to get us to think and allow us to correct for these concerns and to do the right thing!