Chemicals we use

I sprayed this on my plants - so how did it end up in my body?

Mankind - we're all pretty smart.  We have created a entire menu of synthetic chemicals to use for improving human health, on crops and in consumer products.

Unfortunately, sometimes Mankind outsmarts itself - we create chemicals such as PCBs, Dioxin and Organophospates.  These chemicals when ingested have been reported to cause cancer by medical research.

We also live in the most powerful capitolistic society in the world, and if there is a medical doctor with 20 years experience saying a certain chemical is bad, and a chemical business entity that says its great, then currently we leave the product for use.  This is a genuine issue with pure capitolism. 

Another inconsistancy is that Chemicals such as OrganoChlorines and Organophosphates are considered Cancer causing by the EPA and the World Health Organization (WHO), but yet are still used.

For instance, in 2006 TV headlines were abounding with data showing Teflon pan material is toxic, and that the Manufacturer had suppressed their own scientists concerns about the PFOA in pregnant womens umbilicals cords, but yet all your favorite stores still carry these pans!!

So capitolism has really helped all of us suceed in many areas, but a side effect of science, technology and business are exposures, -exposures from chemicals that are causing cancer.

FACT:  The long term costs of treating cancer, and the lifelong costs to insurance companies and families dwarf the short term cost of these chemicals.  We are killing ourselfs at the tune of 650,000 per year and at the same time driving up Health care costs and crippling families with debt of caring for a cancer survivor!!!  US industry is being impacted by this as well.   Short term thinking is a real problem in the US.

Another FACT:  Short term thinking is allowing our county to lose the pre-emminance in Science and Technology that we once enjoyed.  This is not directly related to the fight to reduce cancer, but the same mindset that allows us to lose our competitive stance is the same mindset that allowed cancer to reach epidemic proportions. 

This critism is not meant to beat on my country that I love, =its to get us to think and allow us to correct for these concerns and to do the right thing!