Chemical Reduction Act

A safe, sane and affordable way to reduce chemical use and get these toxins out of our bodies

From the evidence of more breast cancer, to hormone imbalance related cancers, to fish doing the backstroke in the Great Lakes, to the wildlife in Alaska, to the Dioxin found in farmed Salmon, to the Dioxin found in rivers and streams near chemical factories:  It is cost effective to start finding alternative chemicals that dont kill the human race and other species.

Lets propose a bill before congress called: The Chemical Reduction Act, which would give tax credits and incentives to Chemical Manufactures to develop and provide chemicals that do no have such a pervasive effect on humans when they are ingested.  Its a rather sad commentary when chemicals that were developed for crops, cooking, and cleaning end up in our bodies. This undesired side effect has not been addresssed - so it is no wonder really why cancer has become an epidemic.

Time for us to fight to get rid of cancer.  Time for Scientists to start having the finals say in what get used and what gets in our bodies. 

Sorry to the big companies whose profits may be cut temporarily.  We are getting tired of dying from cancer, sorry if this cuts into your bottom line.