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We are all citizens on this planet.  Most of the debate on fixing what is viewed as unsafe burdens of excess chemicals has been rather "Toxic" in and of themselves.  This stems from the fact that the companies and users of chemicals cannot afford to clean up the mess that has been creased over the past 50 years as these  chemicals have been widely used allo over the world.

Therefore, there should be some sharing of responsibilities, and an open and positive dialog to get the reduction of chemicals to be a reality for the sake of everyone.

I have an admission to make.  I had been a big critic al Al Gore, and some of the "greenie" groups.  Now I seey that there is some efficacy in his ideas, and those before him who warned us to shape up years ago.  And even that kid Kerry, he's OK also.

When I get this going, lets keep it positive, OK?

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