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Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton ...this site can translate the article into Spanish, too!

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In these games, you'll have to think like Einstein. You'll take a look at the same puzzle and see the problem, and you'll have to think about the same things Einstein had to think about to resolve the problem…


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 Women in Science

 Meet Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic woman to fly in space

Latino & American Indian Scientists


Meet Dr. Richard Tapia who teaches at Rice University here in Houston. He was born in Los Angeles. His parents were from Mexico. (Ms. Barnstone went to high school with his daughter who tragically died in an auto accident.)

Meet the top ten Afro-American Inventors and learn about their devices that are used today... 

Profiles of African-American Scientists

 Play games to find out about the men and women who have won the Nobel prize and their theories...

Mario Molina, chemist, made important discoveries about the danger of chemicals to the earth's atmosphere. He won a Nobel prize.

Teachers' Guide to Einstein's Big Idea from NOVA/PBS



Marie P., 4th Grade, Ms. Sanchez, 3-10-08

Archimedes was a Greek inventor from Syracuse who was famous for his invention of the lever and the screw, a device that would raise from one level to another. He came up with the theory of buoyancy, as in water. He was also a brilliant mathematician who came up with many theorems. He also invented weapons that repelled a Roman attack for a good long time. Did you know that Archimedes was also killed by a soldier? He also was born in Egypt.

Find out about buoyancy at http://physics.weber.edu/carroll/Archimedes/principle.htm

Read more about Archimedes' death at http://home.att.net/~numericana/answer/archimedes.htm


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 Einstein might have asked, "What is time anyways? What amount of time have you lived? Does time mean the same thing for everybody? If you traveled back in time and changed something, how might your change affect the future?"      Make the time to do these activities and find out.




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