Math Exams Tuesday June 11th and Thursday June 13th

  1. ALL students have been signed up to prodigy (online math review game). Class code is 4C4C7E if they don't have an account. https://www.prodigygame.com/Play/
  2. Redo all tests and situationals we have done in class.
  3. Watch how to videos if you are unsure of some concepts. All videos have extension activities linked to them for extra practice. 
  4. Start at the beginning of the workbook and read/redo questions you struggle with. 
  5. Make sure practice exams and reviews are completed (we are doing them in class but if there are questions we do not get to, you can finish them) Page 201 till the end of the book.


Email: sbarnes@wqsb.qc.ca

Phone number: (819) 776-3158 ext: 4205


Name: Hadley Math @hadleymath

Welcome to Grade 7 Math with Mrs Barnes!

Here you will find all important dates and information about the course. Homework will be posted everyday. 

Supply list!! 

  •  1 two-inch binder (a zipper one is great for organization) 
  •  6 - 8 dividers 
  •  2 package of 4 Hilroy exercise copies (includes a blue, green, pink and yellow copy) 
  •  1 package of graph paper
  •   pencils 
  •  2 erasers 
  • 1 ruler (30cm) 
  •  1 calculator (2-line display is very useful) 
  •  1 geometry set
  •   2-3 plastic protectors 
  •  coloured pens for correcting

Extra practice or need to review concepts? Here are some helpful websites:


class code: 4C4C7E