Fractions QUIZ FRIDAY!!
You need to study:  Multiplying, Dividing, Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed numbers!!!!

Upcoming Test and situational: November 28th and November 30th
Topics to study: 
  • All operations with Fractions and mixed numbers
  • Order of Operations (BEDMAS with Fractions and regular numbers)
  • Exponents

EXTRA HELP AT LUNCH DAY 3 & 5!!! Day 1 if my door is open!


Phone number: (819) 776-3158 ext: 4205


Math106 @mrsbgr7

Welcome to Grade 7 Math with Mrs Barnes!

Here you will find all important dates and information about the course. Homework will be posted everyday. 

Supply list!! 

  •  1 two-inch binder (a zipper one is great for organization) 
  •  6 - 8 dividers 
  •  2 package of 4 Hilroy exercise copies (includes a blue, green, pink and yellow copy) 
  •  1 package of graph paper
  •   pencils 
  •  2 erasers 
  • 1 ruler (30cm) 
  •  1 calculator (2-line display is very useful) 
  •  1 geometry set
  •   2-3 plastic protectors 
  •  coloured pens for correcting

Extra practice or need to review concepts? Here are some helpful websites: