Visitors and Travel
  • Ashlee's granparents, the Steudel's visited our classroom to share their time in South Africa.

    S. African National Anthem:

    Tour of S. Africa w/ commentary:

    Kruger Park:  

    Kruger Wildlife Battle:

    Capetown flight:

    Table Mt:


    Drunk Animals:

    Other South African links:CIA Factbook, Wikipedia, AskJeeves, Yahooligans Geography,,,,, infoplease Cultural Profiles Project ,and  Lonely Planet.

    Leah Erenrich and Zech Smith visited the classroom to share Leah's trip to Zambia.  Click here to see other photos:

    We took part in a Postcard project.  You can click the link to see our postcard

    Kent Moreno Visits Dec. 2007:

    Egemen Ogretim brought two friends to our classroom September 13. They are from Turkey, but they are studying and teaching at WVU, in Morgantown, WV.

    Sandy Rowland Binotto shared her travels and some personal philosophy. Sandy Rowland Binotto visited with the 7th grade Jan. 31, 2008:  She is currently working on sending Lifestraws to people around the world who do not have safe drinking water.  She has been to Puerto Rico, Peru, Bosnia, Nigeria, and other nations.  She wrote:

    "Zdravo, Steve,  Kako je'
    I have learned a lot from traveling and experiencing other cultures. It is amazing how people live
    around the world. We take so much for granted and they struggle to survive with food and housing every
    single day. It is so great to go to different places but it is something else to go live there for a while and
    experience their day to day activities. I have been really blessed to be able to have traveled like I have.
    I grew up on a farm in a family of 8, milking cows, making hay, and everything that goes along with farm life.
    It made me tough and experienced to be able to endure some of the hardships of travel.
    I am so on fire to share with others that they too can do it and help change the world and make it a better place
    to live. Who would of every thought I would live  with Muslims in Bosnia and be used as an instrument to make
    their lives better after the war! Go figure."

    If you would like more information, you can contact:

    Sandy Rowland Binotto     Corporate Trainer-Hopeunites
    P.O. Box 478  Augusta, WV. 26704       H-304-496-7711    C- 304-839-1505

      Ernie Hawkins performed at Capon Bridge Middle School.  Thankyou Hampshire County Arts Council.  (Click the photo to see more.)

    Windsong Bergman corresponded with our class in 2004. You can read about Windsong in Niger. or Windsong's letters.

    Tumulty Returns to Alma Mater

    Mandy Tumulty, former Peace Corps volunteer to Nicaragua, was a guest presenter at Capon Bridge Middle School in March 2003. She found herself back in her own fifth grade classroom. She later visited with some of her former junior high teachers.  Mandy is now Program Analyst for Educational Programming and Training (

    Mandy shared many items she brought back from Nicaragua, and she shared many stories of her two years there. Her PowerPoint presentation explained the goals of the Peace Corps and included wonderful photos she shot in Nicaragua.  She left many resources (available to anyone interested) for further study including videos, lesson plans, and a book of essays written by Peace Corps volunteers.

    Mandy's former teachers at the Capon Bridge schools are proud of her accomplishments and wish her well in the future.

    Two Miles High in Peru with Roy Denham

         Roy Denham took the Capon Bridge Middle School geography classes on a virtual tour of Peru. Mr. Denham, a Capon Bridge resident, is a familiar figure at the school. He shared a video he shot of his travels from the coast into the mountains of Peru, mountains four times taller than the tallest in West Virginia. Through his video you stand at the edge of the Colca Canyon, arguably the deepest canyon in the world. One side of the canyon rises almost two miles. Denham also took us to the Incan capital at Cusco and the ancient Incan ruins at Machu Picchu. We visited the floating islands on Lake Titicaca. The video included beautiful footage of waterfalls and volcanoes.

    Egyptian Traveloguer: Mr. Denham returned to our classroom to share his travels along the Nile.

    Roy Denham and Penguin Buddies Roy Denham also visited our class to share his experiences in Antarctica.

    Peace Corps In the Classroom

         Peter Maille, former Peace Corps volunteer to Senegal, shared some of the tribulations and triumphs of the Peace Corps experience. Currently working with the Cacapon Institute (, Maille emphasized that water is a precious commodity in so much of the world. Senegal borders the Sahara, and much of Maille's efforts in Africa dealt with water conservation. Maille's slides helped us picture the conditions of Senegal. He directed a humorous skit helping us understand what it might be like to visit a country where you do not understand the language.
         In addition to the geography of water Maille opined that neither conditions, material goods, nor the project determined the success of the time abroad. The success depended on the relationships established with the people. This city boy found himself eating the same millet diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He found himself treating the water any time he wanted a drink. He did NOT find a source of toilet paper. He DID find a host family, a Senegalese brother and his family with which he became close. At the end of the two year assignment he requested and received an additional year in Senegal.

         Peter returned to Capon Bridge in 2004 with his friend from Senegal, Mbaye Soure.    Peter has taken on a doctoral study at WVU. We will miss him and wish him well. 
         The school has been so fortunate that people such as Mr. Denham and Mr. Maille, Ms. Tumulty, Mr. and Mrs. Ogretim take time to share their first hand experiences. If you like to see more photos, click Multicultural Visitors .

    MultiCultural Festival
    We held a Multicultural Festival in 2002. Thanks to all the people who helped make it happen: Presenters who shared their world travels,parents, Stray Cat Cafe- for the delicious Tijuana Wings, Ming's Chinatown Cafe- for the Hunan Chicken and other Chinese delicacies, Jambrielle Banting for sharing Taiwanese dance, Lightstone Foundation, and Hampshire County GearUp
    Students requested Heather Myers' Tortilla Recipe .
    Look at the Student Comments and a list of Presenters.

    Terry Lynn and Steve on the Road:

    Failte, Eire!

    Terry Lynn and I went to Ireland Nov. 2006. Doesn't it look like we had a wonderful time? (The Irish police have NO sense of humor.) Click here if you'd like to check out our Ireland Holiday

    Teaching Abroad in Taiwan and Samoa
    My wife, Terry Lynn, and I got to spend a year teaching in Taiwan and Samoa. Click Samoan Sites for information and photos from the South Pacific Island.
    I wrote a weekly web based article for the Hampshire Review while Terry Lynn and I were in Samoa. Click: "Teaching Abroad"/ Hampshire Review if you'd like to read about some of our experiences. It should have been titled "Clueless Abroad". (Not all the date links work.)
    I also have an unadorned/unedited page about out 40 days teaching in Taiwan. Terry Lynn and I have enjoyed sharing Samoa and Taiwan with different organizations through multimedia presentations.

    Terry Lynn and I accompanied Hampshire High students on a trip to Italy. What incredible hospitality! You can click the link to see photos I posted from our trip to Vercelli, 2004 and Switzerland, and Austria. Or check out the Hampshire High Exchange Site or the Italian School Site or the 2002 Italian visit .

    I have been amazed at the resource people who are locally available to talk about places they have visited.  We appreciate their willingness to bring their experiences to our classroom.






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